This site contains images of visual art in various media. Visual arts do not rely on words for their explication. In fact, words are inadequate and often misleading. Most of the media that I use are familiar to most people: Charcoal; Graphite; Ink; Watercolor etc. The exception is egg tempera. While it is an ancient medium, it is seldom used today. It is simply pigment mixed with egg yolk. It is easy to clean up after a painting session. The color remains remarkably unchanged over hundreds of years. It doesn't smell up our small apartment the way oil paint would. I can't leave our cat alone with a painting, however, because he likes to lick the paint off of the paper. The ground or substrate I paint on is paper. I can store the paintings in a flat file, which is very convenient with the limited storage space I have. Before I exhibit a painting I mount or "line" the painting with linen canvas and stretch it on a wooden frame called a "stretcher". Then I frame it with a spacer between the glass and the painting.